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When I am called to duty God wherever flames may rage Give me the strength to save some life whatever be its age help me embrace a little child Before it is too late or save an older person from the horror of the fate. Enable me to be alert and Hear the weakest shout and quickly and efficiently to put the fire out. I want to fulfil my calling and to give the best in me to guard my every neighbour and protect his property and if according to your will I have to lose my life please bless with your protecting hands my children and my wife. Amen.

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Electricity has the power to burn.

It is so much a part of our daily lives; we tend to take it for granted.  But that can be dangerous.

Electrical problems are among the leading causes of fire in Ghana.

To prevent electrical fire observe the following Dos and Don'ts


  1. Only use plugs that fit outlet (a three prong plug should only go into a three prong outlet).

  2. Check that wire insulation is in good condition.  

  3. Keep motors and tools properly lubricated.

  4. Use extension cords only when necessary and only if they are rated high enough for the job.

  5. Follow manufacturer’s instruction for all electrical equipment.

  6. Use water proof cords outdoors.

  7. Leave electrical repairs to skilled maintenance and licensed electricians.

  8. Repair or replace appliances immediately if they spark.

  9. Replace all frayed or cracked electrical cords.  They can get hot and spark causing fire.


Don’t place cords near heat or water

Don’t run cords along the floor, under rugs and carpets or through doors where they can be damaged.

Don’t use temporary wiring in place of permanent wiring.

Don’t touch anything electric with wet hands.

Change all broken switches in your home to avoid accidental contact and subsequent electrocution.


Induction Ceremony

Induction Ceremony



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